Help Center

Understanding Your Account Settings

Our dream is that you’ll never have to check the FAQ for help with navigation. But, if you do find yourself squinting and arbitrarily clicking, here are some basic functions:

My Facebook Feed

If you want to guarantee that friends & fam know about your listing (or maybe prove to an ex that you really are, finally, moving on to a new city) you can post your listing directly to your Facebook page, or anywhere else that accepts RSS Feeds, by:

  • Copying & pasting your personal "Facebook RSS Feed" URL listed in your account: My Facebook Feed
  • Adding the URL to your current RSS feed list within your Facebook account etc.

My Active Listings

Easily admire all of your currently active listings and click on "Manage this Listing" to:

  • Share it: Loud & Proud on Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, Reddit and so on.
  • Upgrade: It’s never too late to get a facelift. You can add one or all of the available upgrades at any time. Your listing will also "start over" so that you can take full advantage of the upgrade.
  • Edit: Add, remove or modify any of your current answers, your description, location or photos. Maybe the shot of you doing a keg stand at your high school reunion was too much?
  • Delete: You can get out of dodge whether your place is rented or not. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds for any listing upgrades or other costs.
  • Copy: This one’s perfect for posting multiple, similar listings. Just "copy" your current listing to start copying information to a new listing and edit as necessary.
  • Mark as Rented: If you want to keep your already rented property in the limelight for additional exposure and links to other listings, mark it as Rented instead of deleting it.
  • View Statistics: View the relevant statistics for each individual listings, including the number of:
    • Views overall
    • Messages received
    • Forwards to other people (Cool, FREE exposure!)
    • People that have marked it as a "Favorite"

My Expired Listings

Check out your recently expired listings and click on "Manage this Listing" to:


  • View: Take a peak at what was posted.
  • Copy to new listing: Save time posting a similar listing by modifying a copied template.
  • Delete: A listing is no longer viewable to the public when it’s expired, but you can also remove the evidence entirely.

My Messages

Here’s the networking social of our listing platform. Click on who the message is From/Sent To for more information about the other member, click on the "Message" to view it or "Delete" to permanently remove the message.

Favorite Listings

This is where you can view all listings marked as “favorite.” Favoritism is encouraged here.

Listing Filters

View your current filters or add a new one. Select the category, location and specific keywords that you want to filter for and how often you would like to receive email alerts for matches.

Account Details

Here is where you can view and edit all of the information you are willing to share publicly, including that declining high school punk band of yours. At anytime, you can change:

  • Your personal information
  • Your business contact information, including a public email, phone number, andwebsite
  • Your profile picture.
  • Link to your Facebook account. If you link accounts you can use the "login with Facebook" feature and automatically display your Facebook profile picture as well.
  • View your Freebies. Remember these guys? They let you apply "Listing Upgrades" to your current or new listings... for FREE!