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So what does it really cost?

You read the word “free” but still assume that there must be a catch? Tsk tsk. It is absolutely FREE to:

  • Register and become a member.
  • Post an absurd number of listings. Somewhere between 5,000 and a googol last time we counted.
  • Access complete information for ALL listings-- no ifs, ands, or clickbait. We want our users to succeed, not feel like they just joined a secret society.
  • Send and receive messages with other members.

If you’re looking for “the catch,” we’ll just come right out and say that there are optional “Listing Upgrades.” We offer “Featured,” “Bold,” and “Top Placement” upgrades for a low fee to increase your exposure.

What information do you require?

Registration is a breeze! We value your privacy and only require your first name (or an alias) and a valid email address.  However, if you register using Facebook Connect, your account will also be supplied with your family name and a few basic bits of profile information. No one will see your cat videos on our site.

    If you jumped right in and started posting a listing before registering, worry not. You will be prompted to login or register at the end of the listing process.

    Although we do not require sonnets of personal information to use, you might want to provide business information, phone numbers or social media profile links so that interested parties can get a better idea who they are dealing with. That’s great! But please keep in mind that any details you choose to share will be just as accessible to internet trolls as they are to ideal prospects.

Why use

Yes, yes, there are plenty of property listing websites. Now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room, here’s why you should use

  • The whole process is absolutely free!... Says everyone. But there’s usually a catch. Another service might make you pay based on the number of listings, the duration posted, or the amount of people you’re contacting or being contacted by. Not us. We provide an all inclusive service for only five payments of $0.00!
  • No time limits. As long as you renew, for free of course, you’ll expire before your listing does.
  • No listing limits. Unless you start renting out your cupboards.
  • Easy and powerful filters. Easily find the yin to your yang.
  • Privacy. We allow you to decide how much information is appropriate. Hackers are an incredibly thrifty bunch. If someone were to break open our jar o’ user data, we want to make sure you’d be okay with whatever spills out.
  • On-site messaging. You choose whether (if at all) to include your email, digits and zodiac sign within the private message to continue the conversation directly off-site. Inquiries will be forwarded to your email and you can respond through your account. Unless, of course, you’re a Taurus. They never respond.