About Us

Who We Are

Picture this: You’re relaying the woes of apartment searching to your coworker at the bar when, suddenly, a man leans in with the expert gaze of a lifelong local and says, “I know just the place.” We’re sort of like that guy, but won’t empty your bowl of pretzels while jotting down the details on a napkin.

What We Do

We provide a listing and searching platform for residential properties in the United States that are:

  • Long-term rental accommodations
  • Long-term roommate (shared-housing) accommodations
  • Short-term & vacation rental accommodations, including entire homes and shared space arrangements

What We Are Not

A travel agency, property management service, escrow service or dormitory supervisor. We do not provide or own travel services or any of the properties listed on this website. We do not facilitate, oversee or manage any travel or financial arrangements between users. For more information, please visit our Help Center and review our Terms of Service.

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